Plaything With A Purpose

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Catching up on our reading over the weekend before heading to New York this week, we re-read through a thick pile of TIME magazines. Monday Grauniad’s, FT Weekend’s and the odd week day Financial Times.

3M's MPro110 pico projector

3M's MPro110 pico projector

We are glad we did before the obligatory placing in recycling bin as there was lots to interest. One technical article caught our idea was the FT’s Paul Taylor who wrote in his column back on 29th October 2009

When pico-projectors – pocket-sized versions of the projectors used for corporate presentations and in-home theatre setups – first appeared last year, I was dubious about their price, performance and usefulness…

You may remember that we wrote earlier in the month ‘Tiny Projectors To Kill LCDs?

Paul wrote specifically about the MPro120 and said “The pico-projector market is growing rapidly and 3M should be congratulated for helping to create a new consumer electronic category. The MPro120 arguably sets a benchmark for its rivals to match”. and we’d agree.

The article is well worth a read and so too the general FT Gadget Guri Column

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