Measurement Needs For Retail And Out Of Home?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Raffi Vartian, Director, Proximity Marketing at the Parachute Marketing Group, in Northbrook, Illinois has asked an interesting question up on LinkedIn

What are the main needs for measurement for retail and Out of Home?

We are working on inexpensive measurement solutions utilizing passive Bluetooth technology. Consumers are unaware of the presence of technology and will not be asked to take any action to be measured. There is a wealth of information that we gather and would like get feedback on what OOH providers would like to see from us from a reporting perspective.

Thank you for your input!

Could be / should be a lively debate if you all reply!!

2 Responses to “Measurement Needs For Retail And Out Of Home?”

  1. Raffi Vartian Says:

    Thanks Adrian. My Linkedin network has already given me some great responses and I’d love to hear more. My profile is at: and I can be reached at

    – Raffi

  2. Ranga Raj Says:

    Any means of identifying audience profile and audience awareness would help the industry a great deal. i guess with passive bluetooth, to some degree audience footfalls (may be accurate to the number of bluetooth devices (if turned on an configured to be detected) carried by the audience), profile if traced back to the phone number (bluetooth i.d’s dont mean much) and to the operator for profile info (doubt if it will be easily accessible), dwell time (though has no correlation to a screen for example). These are a few things i could think of…

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