Mobile Video Creation Will Preceed All Others

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

This isn’t surprising – In this interview with Beet.TV, Adobe’s CTO says there will be a “total reversal” of how video content is created.

Consider this, up until recently, original video programs, started out as broadcast TV content, then as people shifted watching TV and video on-line, content producers started to shift into creating webisodes or original programming created specifically for the web.

Sounds alot like the DOOH industry is ever-evolving its content landscape. First, digital out of home networks were airing, made for TV broadcast 30 second commercials (in some cases, this is still happening) – then as we’ve proved the value of DOOH, over time, we see that content is starting to be created specifically for the DOOH medium and the relevant experiences found in place-based media.

During all this time, mobile video programming has languished as an afterthought – in some cases, mobile video was an overly edited, mini-snippet or 10 second clip available for download to your phone.

However, this content was never originally created for the viewing pleasure of a tiny screen with tinny sounding speakers.

Until the advent of the iPhone, and the Video iPod family not to mention the the various mobile media players and smartphones that make it more convenient and pleasurable to watch longer form content on a smallish screen.

With the explosive adoption rate, growth and emerging technology in today’s mobile industry- Adobe’s predicting that mobile will become the primary platform for how content is originated, before all others – totally reversing how video content is originated.

Why am I not surprised?

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