Restructure At CBS Outdoor, London

Chris Sheldrake

We noticed some familiar faces missing from CBS Outdoor’s ‘Our People’ page this week (yes sad but it is the sort of site we peruse in our spare time at the office) – slimmed down as the site was to 3 rows of 2 people (6 heads if you will) and so gone if you like was Dan Read, IT Director.

Dan Read, former IT DIrector, CBS Outdoor

Dan Read, former IT DIrector, CBS Outdoor

Noticing this, a quick email to CBS Outdoor’s press office was dispatched and straight back came a nice reply and an invite to come in and meet up some time!

Luke Fredberg, Director, Corporate Communications, International who took the time to reply to us should be congratulated (anywway we digress), he told us “I can confirm that Dan Read has left, in a restructure that took place on Monday”.

The Google cache has the original page but you know what? There is no story, there is no intrigue, the question was answered promptly and swftly.

PR can be easy sometimes cannot it not?

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