Scala reiben sich die Händ

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If 42media group ever were “one of Germany’s digital signage pioneers” as some people have been describing them god help the German marketplace. These guys have gone from being insular to being stupid in the space of a year.

42mg-logo_web_dsmigThe latest news is that they have ‘restructured’ their business. The reorganization splits the low-margin web design and content business away from the digital signage business (for what that is worth).

42media group effectively now trades under the name Bosko E-Commerce Solutions Ltd. with other parts of the (old) business going to Campoint AG (a long standing partner allegedly).

CEO Matthias Wagner was quoted as saying “This project is the result of the challenging market environment and the difficult general economic situation.” – no Herr Wagner this has nothing to do with the challenging market this is what happens when you employ idiots with paper bags on their head to do your marketing and give your product away for free!!

Whatever happened? Remember their statement in a press release back in September “Based on the current conversion and growth rates in about 6 months 42media group will run the largest digital signage network in Europe with” – that was based on a so-called win with a fashion boutique in Buenos Aires! We say ‘so-called’ because it’s hard to think of it as positive when you gave it away for free!

People outside Germany won’t care one iota about any of this apart from those like Scala who will benefit. Scala are doing incredibly well in Germany at present and will now likely be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of all that new business.

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  1. Marco Polo Says:

    Hmmm Bosko, St.Bosko according to wikipedia is the patron saint of illusionists. Apt in this case!

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