Free Digital Signage Web Service Is A Great What?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Based on the current conversion and growth rates in about 6 months 42media group will run the largest digital signage network in Europe with” so says Peter Dombrowski, Director Marketing and Sales at 42media group in a recent press release celebrating a so-called win with a fashion boutique in Buenos Aires.

What are these guys smoking? Giving digital signage software away for free like this is ridiculous and does more harm than good. The way they go about marketing is embarrassing and does the industry no good whatsoever.

Do they seriously think that they will even have a business next year let alone Europe’s largest digital signage network?

2 Responses to “Free Digital Signage Web Service Is A Great What?”

  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    Thoughts for the day!

    1. In order to provide a product or service you must first have a customer.
    2. In order to be a customer they need to have bought and paid for the product or service.

    Result: No paying customer + No money + Free product or service = No viable business.

  2. Howard Smith Says:

    Looks like they are trying to create massive reach so they can sell time on all the users systems…

    specifically …..

    Generally the content provided with our services is not ours. Although we do not basically monitor what we are hosting or linking to this may be the case anyhow. Whenever you see something you do not like you can inform us at any time or stop watching it.

    Stop watching it !!!!!! like turn off the screen, good move 🙂

    I wager the cash runs out long before the network is large enough as without a decent strategy and a war chest of cash its just a folly.

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