Digital Signage Orientation, Strategy and Development Workshops

Chris Sheldrake

We were made aware via an update on LinkedIn and Twitter over the weekend that Chris Heaps’ Imperative Group have launched a one day digital signage Orientation, Strategy and Development workshop.

It has been positioned as a pre-sales tool for agencies, vendors, integrators, technologists and solution providers who want to add value to their business development process by providing their prospects or customers with a high quality independent session designed to inform, educate and evangelise digital signage and out of home media. In part it is designed, we are told, to provide a refined and condensed perspective on the marketplace to accelerate understanding and enable paticipants to receive high quality independent advice from the outset.

Chris Heap tells us that “this private one day workshop is designed to guide participants through the history, concepts, uses, deployments, best practise, strategies and benefits to provide an initial grounding to people unfamiliar with the media and the opportunity it could provide to their business”.

He continued “Participants will have a better understanding of the way in which digital signage works, the value it offers viewers, users and their organisation.” He went on to say, “It will provide an appreciation of how these networks work from a usability, delivery and management perspective and importantly will deliver an outline brief that can be shared between the introducer and the participants for business development purposes. We have vested interest in promoting the opportunity and the media so we very much see this workshop as a sales enabler.”

Digital Signage Workshop Summary

Digital Signage Workshop Summary

The OSD workshop as its known is split into three key stages: –

  1. Orientation: The first stage will provide attendees with a structured orientation into digital signage network history, concepts, uses, deployments, best practice, content and key organisational & viewer features & benefits. This takes the form of a three hour interactive session with handover presentation materials.
  2. Strategy: Using shared subject matter knowledge from the first stage, the second stage will ask participants to examine the business or organisation in question and assess specific needs (or wants) relating to the use, form, function, deployment and management of a digital signage network within their organisation. This takes the form of a conceptual exercise and endeavours to match the use of digital media across all facets of the participant’s business or area of interest.
  3. Development: With a understanding of where digital signage fits across the participants business, this stage refines the approach and working collaboratively with participants, creates a top-line development brief and outline roadmap that indicates a project objective, a view on how digital signage maybe deployed, an understanding of where ownership of such a programme exists and indications of budgetary support and revenue expectations.

We understand that Imperative are already undertaking these workshops for a number of BT customers in the UK and that a version of this which includes only the Orientation stage has been co-created in partnership with POPAIdigital (UK) which was unveiled at their winter meeting last week in London.

We often talk to people in the marketplace who at one stage or another had to go through the process of researching the marketplace, familiarising themselves with the opportunity and conducting due diligence, so if these workshops offer good quality advice, help promote the sector and make it easy for prospects to get the right information quickly with a deliverable that helps them engage with the market in a meaningful way then we’re very much in favour.

Pricing is POA. More information on the workshop is available on a downloadable PDF here

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