Richard Smith Leaves Brightspace Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If there were any doubts that sometime-good-media-sales house Brightspace Media in the UK has (finally) had its day it’s the news that reaches us that Richard Smith has just left Kaleidovision where he was working from after the London office was closed down.

When we wrote back in October 2007 about Brightspace Media (BSM) shedding all staff bar one (that would have been Richard) and closing their London Covent Garden office there were attempts to try and spin that ‘all was well’ and business was as usual.

Here’s the email sent to all staff earlier today (Andy is Andy Pitman Managing Director, Kaleidovision)…

Hi, Andy has asked me to email you the following:
Due to an ongoing decline in media sales activity in Brightspace Media Limited… …we have had to lose Richard from the team. I am sure that you will all join me in wishing Richard the very best for the future.

Looks like we were right all along though and it is a real shame. Brightspace Media was once a good company, and one of the early leaders in this digital media sales field with a solid reputation. As usual owners not investing, marketing or doing any PR and it all comes to nought.

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