Reflect Systems

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Our European readers would most probably not have heard of Reflect Systems – in their own words…

Reflect Systems provides digital signage software and services for large retailers and other enterprises wishing to reach customers with high impact visual imagery at the point of sale or in public gathering areas. From the strategic planning and deployment of digital media networks to video programming strategies and tactics, Reflect’s combination of service and software provides a complete approach to maximizing return on investment for customers. Reflect Systems, based in Dallas TX, is privately held.

With the recent announcement – hey with our exclusives, the press releases are ‘acknowledgements’ rather than annnouncements, Ed – of the 4,000 site win with GameStop they are becoming a force to be reckoned with and should be scaring the pants off of Broadsign, Wireless Ronin and a few others.

They already have 2,000 sites with Verizon Wireless Network stores and 1,500+ with Target add to that recent wins with Borders and Best Buy and they have a footprint and installed base to be reckoned with.

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  1. In-Store Marketer Says:

    It amazes me that anyone would invest in a one-trick pony player.
    Digital signage is a small slice of a larger pie known as enterprise content distribution.

    Why not solve all of the store communication issues between HQ and stores (and stores to HQ) with one architecture?

    machine to machine – software installs, updates, patches
    machine to human – digigal signage; IP/TV video-on demand
    human to machine – kiosks, eye ball counters

    As the space matures, customers will demand unified solutions. It’s too expensive to operate several redunant communication networks.

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