brand-e Trend Intelligence Report

Chris Sheldrake

brand-e trend intelligence (December 2009) is packed full of examples of the good, the bad and the sheer ugly of current advertising practice, as well as insights and forecasts for this next 12 months.

It’s a veritable encyclopaedia of trends in a nifty digital document that will kickstart your 2010. It normally costs GBP 195 but we have arranged a special discount to GBP 175 for DailyDOOH’s subscribers.

Brand innovation: in with the new

brandeIn 2009, big brands really started to “get” that tired old ad messages had become… tired and old. And that’s why many marketers at last turned to innovative ways of advertising as a means of getting genuine consumer engagement for their products. brand-e has just released its latest intelligence report into the development of non-traditional campaigns that promise to deliver genuine ROI for clients.

Brands and the power of pop-ups

Brands including Nissan, Red Bull, Marmite and Warner Brothers are taking advantage of flexible retail square footage to engage in a spot of High Street activity. Done well it can be a great piece of experiential marketing and pump up engagement. But this trend isn’t as temporary as the stores themselves. Expect more pop-ups in 2010, as well as brands riffing on the theme.

Putting wheels on motor marketing

Let’s face it, car marketing needs jacking up. There’s some dire “creative” out there… But there is a glimmer of hope — some have gone up a gear. Yes, we’re talking motor marketing innovation, as brands come over all social media and engage with artists. So, guilty of bad is Renault with its new (and very old-fashioned) Renault TV channel which is turn-off television, while Mini is the good guy with its get-out-and-have-fun app, and its tie-ups with artists.

Do-gooding brands

Not all social media is about Twitter, though. In 2009 big brands like Bovril, Cadbury, Mini, Orange, Starbucks, Toyota and Virgin Atlantic were doing their best for consumers. The report examines the drivers of this corporate largesse and expects boardrooms to be giving away more in 2010.

What aren’t ad agencies up to?

Advertising agencies are doing some offbeat stuff. But for themselves, not for clients. W+K has its own jewellery line. BooneOakley does branded Tees and mugs. Others are scripting TV soaps. Plus they’re letting others muscle in on their work by crowdsourcing like mad (men). What’s going on? brand-e explains why agencies are redefining themselves before they get redefined.

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