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Chris Sheldrake

Earlier this year became the exclusive provider for all the real time alerts for the ‘Tour de France’ – 10 times per day in 700 Carrefour supermarkets in France.

BanCentreLast week they announced a new deal providing health content to more than 400 pharmacies in Switzerland,

PharmaChannel is the latest project from Pharmatic (a Swiss based provider of IT management services for pharmacies of all sizes)

Pharmatic has added 8″ displays on all its latest models of cash registers. The same content services, combining health related content with highly targeted advertising, are now also available on WiFi screens, located anywhere in the shops, or on large flat TV screens.

Clement Charles, CEO of told us “Providing health content on screens in such commercial locations creates value for the users, communication opportunities for the pharmacist as well as new revenue streams”

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