The Colbert Report MicroTiles Backdrop

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Last night the new set of The Colbert Report was unveiled to TV audiences and featured ‘digital columns’ that looked suspiciously like MicroTiles

The Colbert Report airs nightly in the US at 11:30 p.m. and can best be described (for non American readers) as a satire program born out of reaction to the caustic cable news ‘talking heads’ that dominate cable news – it’s part serious programming (interviews with former presidents, pulitzer-prize winners etc) and part raunchy comedy (main focus seems to be on bodily humor). The Colbert Report – along with its predecessor The Daily Show are cultural icons to those leaning to the left of the spectrum and wildly popular with most of the younger generation.

Anyway I digress. According to the MicroTiles ‘Christie MicroTiles Customer Feedback’ video on YouTube that Adrian and AHN pointed me at (which can be seen below) …

Giselle Vogel, Vice President of Video Film Systems who just happen to be the integrator for the re-vamped Colbert Report ‘set’ did comment that they would be installing MicroTiles.

Our bet is that this is the first use of MicroTiles on a TV set but definitely not the last time we will see it used as a TV backdrop during 2010.

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  1. Howard Smith Says:


    Ah the great Colbert, one of the things I miss from the US. For those who dont know him is a good intro. Its him at a press dinner with George Bush 🙂

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