Nielsen Research Proves Zoom Value

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Zoom Media & Marketing, the world’s largest and fastest growing fitness digital media company, announced this week that The Nielsen Company has confirmed that Zoom’s Fitness Network has the largest viewing audience of any measured digital health club media network in the US and that its audience is significantly more affluent than the typical American!

Nielsen’s audience measurement study shows that Zoom’s nationwide digital network delivers over 14 million engaged viewers per month, with an average household income of nearly USD110,000.

The study also shows that nearly 80% of Zoom’s digital viewers are 18-49 years old, with the typical viewer of Zoom’s network attending their health club 3 times per week for an average of 79 minutes per visit.

Dennis Roche, President of Zoom Media & Marketing told us “We are excited to be able to provide our clients with the largest audience of healthy, active and upscale adults in health clubs”

He added “We have built out our digital business to deliver effective client programs and accurate industry measurement, and these Nielsen results validate our approach. Zoom’s Fitness venues are high traffic, large health clubs where the digital messaging surrounds the consumer.”

Zoom’s research with Nielsen is consistent with the Audience Metrics Guidelines published by the industry trade association, OVAB, the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau.

The study captured consumers’ ability and likelihood to see and hear Zoom’s digital network throughout the health club; measured consumers’ actual notice of and engagement with the digital product; and used venue traffic provided independently and confidentially to Nielsen by member health clubs to determine the size and demographic composition of Zoom’s audience.

Connie Garrido, CEO of Posterscope USA talked up the OVAB guidelines nicely when she said “The OVAB guidelines, and the way Zoom and Nielsen have used them to measure their audience, are critical steps in making digital OOH comparable to more traditional forms of media,”

Connie added “It will afford us as planners the ability to have comparable metrics that can be viewed holistically from the overall communications perspective.”

Paul Lindstrom, Senior Vice President, The Nielsen Company was also quoted as saying “Zoom’s advertisers now have a tool to accurately estimate audience delivery for their digital campaigns,”

He added “Our work with Zoom provides advertisers more research and insights around the digital out-of-home platform, so that brands can plan their buys on Zoom’s network with the same quality, reliable and transparent audience data that they use to plan other media. This is a great step forward”.

The digital portion of Zoom’s Fitness Network of course consists of over 1,100 health clubs in the US including industry leaders like Bally Total Fitness, Town Sports, Sport & Health, Urban Active, Lifestyle Family Fitness, Healthtrax, and Gold’s Gym.

The network airs on multiple screens throughout the health club and through the club’s speaker system.

Dan Levi, Zoom’s SVP of Digital Media and Strategic Partnerships told us “The key to digital advertising is to make it relevant and engaging for the audience, and Zoom’s network is embedded in the experience of the gym patron. It allows us to execute programs for advertisers that are relevant and effective but not intrusive.”

This Nielsen study is being made available to media professionals as monthly Nielsen-authored Pocketpieces – copies of which can be obtained directly from Nielsen or from Zoom Media & Marketing.

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