PumpTop TV’s New Year Quick Lifestyle Facts and Tips

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Irvine, California-based PumpTop TV’s 30-second videos and snapshot banners are proving to be popular with the 12 million-plus monthly viewers stopping at America’s gas pumps.

The company is following a similar path to the OOH and DOOH claim that ‘if you can’t state the facts in 140 characters or show it in 30 seconds, then you are probably saying too much.’ (For years, OOH creative have been saying ‘No more than eight words.’)

PumpTop TV, a national, out-of-home digital network located at-the-pump with 12,600 screens has taken the lead in short form video and banner messaging. During the 4.5 minutes it takes to fill a gas tank, PumpTop TV is delivering dynamic and thought-provoking tips on how to realize New Year’s Resolutions just the way most fast-paced multi-taskers want it – to paraphrase Dragnet’s Sergeant Joe Friday, “Just the facts, please, Just the facts.”

Banners around the videos provide less than 140 word facts: popular, funny and wacky resolutions people made for 2010.

Prominent experts in the field of exercise, relationships, travel, the environment, fashion, beauty and home improvement are appearing on
PumpTop TV across the U.S., offering 30-second personal how-tos for 2010. Topics from how to build muscle in your arms, to how to rid yourself of a bad relationship in order to make room for a new one, are covered.

Some of the personalities that will be appearing are:

  • Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake and founder of Exercise TV who introduces speedy workouts at the pump;
  • Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret, explains why it’s important to free yourself of relationship clutter;
  • Home improvement experts offer short cuts on many projects;
  • Peter Greenberg, the CBS travel commentator, explains how to start off the New Year with travel in mind;
  • Fred Pescatore of The Hamptons Diet discusses healthy eating;
  • SMITH Magazine provides six word banners for a more interesting life;
  • StyleCaster fashion experts reveal the secrets of shopping smarter;
  • Joel Warren of Warren Tricomi Salons reveals hair style challenges.

Doug Woo, executive vice-president of AdtekMedia, the parent company of PumpTop TV, says that about half of the people providing the content are new and the others have already been providing material in the company’s growing content library. Their facts and tips will run in an approximate 50-50 ratio with advertising sold by the company’s own sales staff.

“We believe that quick, informative sound bites and copy will be a welcome communications platform for the upwardly mobile society,” says Woo. “We also believe that Hollywood and Madison Avenue will become big fans of using PumpTop TV as an additional information center for projects they are already working on. While providing important content at the pump may seem a little edgy today, it will become a natural for dispensing vital information in a dedicated and focused destination.”

The company works both directly with the spokespersons or with their agents or public relations representatives to get permission or licences to use the material.

“And some have already been producing material for us on a regular basis,” says Woo.

The New Year’s tips are running in various ways: some running nationally, some split for target areas, some for a week at a time and then replaced by others, and some in specific regions.

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