Play And Buy: New Rules Of Advertising

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Actually in our humble opinion poor coverage of what is a very interesting area and they managed to squeeze in-game advertising, mobile advertising and cashpoint advertising all into one ‘bucket’

Anyway nice to see that i-design got a mention on Sky’s Technofile programme

Play And Buy: New Rules Of Advertising

Technology is allowing advertisers to engage with potential customers in all aspects of their daily lives.

Our weekly web show Technofile looks at innovations in advertising this week and sees some of the different ways that people can now be reached.

One route that is proving particularly attractive to advertisers is gaming, with many games carrying ads in them for real products.

While these have appeared in games in the past, dynamic advertising technology from IGA Worldwide means that the ads can change over time, so long as the game player is connected to the internet.

Ed Bartlett told Technofile that in-game advertising was a powerful medium for companies because invidivuals are engaged and focused on the game they are playing.

“Because games are so realistic the consumer actually wants to see those brands because it adds a layer of context,” he said.

They are also not surprised to see adverts in real-life situations, such as along the side of the pitch in a football match.

He said that in the future, the technology may allow people to see clothing in a game and then purchase it for real, or maybe download music.

Technofile also looks at other areas where advertising is changing, looking at I-Design’s work on cashpoint advertising and focusing on Admob and 2Ergo as examples of mobile advertising.

You can watch Technofile on their website or click here to download their podcast.

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