Fokus Media Expands In Atlantic Canada With Explosive Media Partnership

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Montreal-based Fokus Media digital signage company has partnered Explosive Media, which has chosen Fokus as its technology provider for its college and university digital signage network in Atlantic Canada.

The partnership further substantiates Fokus Media’s leading technology in the post-secondary market, and allows the company to expand its east coast footprint with additional NEX kiosks on select post-secondary campuses.

“We have spent the end of 2009 working with Fokus Media’s system integrators in order to upgrade our network and found that the transition and the expertise of Fokus has been exceptional, to say the least,” says Llyod Nash, president, Explosive Media. “The reputation of Fokus, along with its product design, has proved to be very beneficial, as reactions from the schools have been extremely positive.” 

Fokus provides Explosive a wealth of experience in marketing to the 17-26 demographic, and superior software capabilities specifically designed to meet the needs of advertisers and educational institutions alike.

“Through this valued partnership we can bring our advertisers an increased reach into the marketplace through our multi-digital platforms with a ‘one-stop shop’ solution for marketer needs,” says Domenico Durante, COO, Fokus Media. “Our objective has been, and continues to be, to provide our advertisers/schools with the most technologically advanced communication platforms available on campus in order to reach the elusive 17-26 demographic.” 

Fokus Media now offers media distribution points to more than 50 leading college and university campuses across Canada through its Digital Network, Web Based Platforms and E-mail Promotions.

Fokus Media is dedicated to delivering specific target audiences to its advertisers with a new approach to advertising. Its flagship product ‘Nex’ is an innovative out-of-home medium that combines static, Internet and digital advertising fused together in one dynamic communication kiosk. Nex is a ‘first-of-kind’ medium that blends the consumer’s need for out-of-home Internet access and the advertiser’s need to reach specific targets with optimal efficiency.

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