The Tibetan Word For Mount Everest

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


As well as the usual big digital signage players (we will get to their stands later) there were many smaller ones and new entrants at Infocomm.

QoVision caught our eye only because in one of those odd twists of fate we wrote about them less than a week ago in the context of Digital Signage Technologies Ltd – a UK reseller of theirs we are told.

QoVision’s parent company if you will is called Qomo (pronounced Kómo) and they describe themselves as…

QOMO HiteVision is an energetic, innovative and visionary global manufacturer. Our goal is to provide effective presentation technology and respond quickly to your special applications. We have the expertise and commitment to innovation to make this happen!

QOMO HiteVision offers a diverse line of products from digital signage to document camera to interactive technology… global center for sales, marketing and services is located in Greater Detroit, Michigan, USA….Inside the USA, we distribute to a dedicated network of professional integrators and dealers. Outside the USA we work with experienced and professionally trained distributors on 6 continents

Did you know that Qomolangma is the Tibetan word for Mount Everest?

That’s where they have got the company name QOMO (pronounced Kómo) from.

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