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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Despite rumours to the contrary it seems that Sedao UK Ltd is still very much in existence. However Kevin Martin who was with them has left and setup a new company called Digital Signage Technologies Ltd. (DST) based up in Wakefield.

We are told that DST intends to offer a wider range of professional digital signage technology solutions to resellers. Obviously having divorced themselves from Sedao they need a new software offering and it seems like they have chosen a product called QoVision which they will install on their existing (read pre-Sedao) Digital Signage Players, now called Mistral 1 and Mistral 2.

They may also be selling CAYIN Technology solutions as they talk about offering the “Cayin SMP-PRO3 with and without video input (SMP-PRON) as entry level one box solutions to the market”

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  1. David Oades Says:

    Almost right Adrian,

    Sedao Ltd is alive, well & expanding on a global scale.

    In the UK & ROI Sedao Ltd are directly supporting their dealer network having terminated the distribution agreement with Sedao UK Ltd.

    Sedao UK Ltd was an independent company managed, not owned, by Kevin Martin & is now trading as Digital Signage Technologies Ltd.

    Digital Signage Technologies Ltd & all associated companies no longer have the rights to sell Sedao products, use the Sedao name or in any way be associated with the Sedao brand.

    Any customers or dealers affected should contact David Oades, Managing Director of Sedao Ltd on 01271 377977

    With regards to your comment on digital signage players, Digital Signage Technologies are indeed loading their latest offering onto the platforms Sedao Ltd obsoleted in April 2008, when we introduced the SWEP EVOlution.

    Please refer to for more information on our products & services.

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