RAMVISION’s Haiti Appeal

Chris Sheldrake

Following the news of the Haiti earthquake, Adrian Hopper of RAMVISION (formerly ASG Estates Ltd.) contacted the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) to offer free broadcasting across their Shopping Centre Network – with of course the agreement of their property partners to support an Emergency Appeal.

The Victoria Centre

This campaign is running in the 36 RAMVISION equipped shopping malls across 650 screens.

The frequency is 25 x 15 second appeals per hour per location, which equates to something like 162,000 advert plays per day and reaching almost 16 million during the campaign period.

RAMVISION had an immediate and unequivocal response from their property partners and mall owners and a 2 week campaign for the Disaster Emergency Committee Appeal started yesterday.

David Da Costa. Ram Vision Chief told us “While not wishing to make PR mileage out of such a terrible disaster we are proud to have helped and it is a testimony to the ability of digital media to react quickly and positively in this situation.”

Ram Vision would like to thank John Thompson at Ogilvy for helping them react so quickly (Ogilvy produced the original creative for DEC).

2 Responses to “RAMVISION’s Haiti Appeal”

  1. John Thompson Says:

    I appreciate the shout out. It was indeed a very quick turn around. However, we (Ogilvy) can’t take the credit for concept, the client supplied the templates, we just adapted them.

  2. 'Total Horse' Says:

    Good work Ram Vision. Perhaps all the other DOOH screen companies will follow suit and give some airtime? Let’s face it, they’ve got plenty going spare! Step forward Simon Sugar.

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