digitalsignage.NET To Launch September

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dynamax Technologies announced a few months ago that it will launch a new digital signage application using the Windows Azure Platform to be called digitalsignage.NET and we heard yesterday that the launch date is now pretty much firmed up as September.

The Windows Azure platform is Microsoft’s cloud services solution and Dynamax Technologies have made much of the possible success-by-association in their release.

Howard D. Smith, Director and CTO at Dynamax said in the release “The Windows Azure platform provides greater choice and flexibility in how we develop and deploy scalable but easy to use digital signage solutions to our world wide partners and customers”.

He added “There has always been the issue of scalability and resilience with traditional hosting technologies for SaaS solutions; Windows Azure helps us to address that. digitalsignage.NET by dynamax automates and simplifies critical processes such as managing your own servers and data centers, managing security, and scalability planning.”

digitalsignage.NET, (to be fair like many other SaaS solutions) is designed for all levels of users – from the single screen deployment right through to enterprise level deployments, all on a simple low cost subscription pricing model.

In the UK at least, signagelive instantly comes to mind as a competitor (at least in retail – Dynamax has many more features and functions for the ad serving market) and it will be interesting to see price comparisons if / when pricing is announced.

Doug Hauger, general manager for Windows Azure at Microsoft lent his support to the announcement and said “Through the technical and marketing support provided by the Front Runner program, we are excited to see the innovative solutions built on the Windows Azure platform by the ISV community”.

3 Responses to “digitalsignage.NET To Launch September”

  1. Max Cameron Says:

    Finally someone else getting the cloud/SaaS thing going. Not sure about Azure but ec2 (amazon) have made a SaaS option for Litelogic possible. We’ve been running on that system for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with it.

  2. Clam Says:

    In that case litelogic, why not do your own press release rather than ride on the coat-tails of a competitor…not that it’d be the first time you’ve had to follow the pack….;)

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Why wait for when Web Signage ( is already out?
    They moved a stable and complete solution to Azure, making the world first digital signage solution on Windows Azure.
    DigitalSignage.NET announced the development effort in january, and we were waiting for a release within the middle of the year. Now they postponed the release to september… it seems a little bit vapourware-like to me…

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