Mister Muffler Moves Into The Digital Age

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Auto repair shop Mister Muffler, an affiliate of the Groupe MMO inc. with 68 franchises across Quebec and Ontario, and Boisbriand, Quebec-based VIVA Group, specialized in digital point-of-sale marketing, have made an agreement for a digital display project throughout Mister Muffler’s shops across Quebec.

Mister Muffler, founded in 1956, offers auto repair services and has a solid reputation for its expertise, technical skills, quick service, courtesy and competitive prices. The new communication platform is helping modernize the environment of the shops.

Strategically positioned in the repair shops’ waiting rooms, ‘MM TV’ network screens are being used mainly to make waiting time more enjoyable for customers visiting the shops, while their vehicle goes in for maintenance. Using the latest Internet broadcasting technology, the network programming content includes an informative portion connected to daily headlines and automotive prevention tips, and a promotional portion that will benefit Mister Muffler and some of its suppliers. Castrol, Monroe and Michelin are already planning to capitalize on the visibility the network offers.

“The relationship we have with our customers is a priority to us,”
says Daniel Malandruccolo, vice-president at Groupe MMO Inc., Montreal. “A visit to the machine shop should be enriching and entertaining. MM TV provides us the opportunity to share our offers and advice on vehicle maintenance, and to entertain our waiting customers.”

VIVA Group is handling the entire project mandate, from deployment to development of the programming and content, to management of the daily network. To date, MM TV has been installed in approximately 50 Franchises.

“Mister Muffler’s brand is a veritable institution in itself for Quebec’s auto sector, and to be able to participate in the implementation of such a project makes us proud and strengthens our leadership position in the point-of- sale marketing field,”
says Martin Lessard, president and COO, VIVA Group.

Among other clients of VIVA Group are la Cage aux Sports, Docteur du Pare-Brise, le Groupe Archambault, Sports Experts, l’Aubainerie and Sports Rousseau. The company also operates various features in digital media located in businesses, public places and health facilities of Quebec’s local communities.

2 Responses to “Mister Muffler Moves Into The Digital Age”

  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    What is “the latest Internet broadcasting technology”? Come on, Gail, don’t just copy-paste their press release – are they using video streaming, RSS feeds, something else new and clever?


  2. Gail Chiasson Says:

    You’re quite right, Bryan. I should have mentioned that the company is using Broadsign software, and has an agreement with RDS (the French CBC news station) to carry live news feeds several times a day, augmented by material produced especially for Mister Muffler and Internet driven throughout Mister Muffler’s network.

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