#dse2010 – Where To Find MicroTiles

Andrew Neale

MT_logoChristie Digital continue showcasing their MicroTiles at major trade shows and this week in Las Vegas you will have plenty of opportunity to take a look and size them up for yourselves.

First off, visitors to the trade show will not be able to enter the Las Vegas Convention Centre without noticing this huge digital canvas built with MicroTiles (shown below) in the shape of 3 escalator panels.

Other MicroTiles are also spread far and wide and they can be seen on the following stands:-

  • Christie Booth
    Booth Number: 2413
  • Scala Booth
    Booth Number: 1500
  • Harris Booth
    Booth Number: 1810
  • CoolSign Booth
    Booth Number: 2200
  • Canvys Booth
    Booth Number: 2230

A WireSpring EasyStart solution will be powering some of the WayFinding columns on the Christie booth.

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