Fujitsu Acquire Global Rights TELentice

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We told you on February 11th that what was left of TELentice had finally been sold. It’s official now that Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, has effectively bought back what it had sold many, many years previously.

Their news coincides (accidentally as it happens) with the publication of our #DSTop10 – TELentice rightly fell off that list and to be honest we don’t see much way back from them even with new owners.

The purchase from Fujitsu is not necessarily the best deal, the software solution is showing its age, it’s had no investment for 18 months or so and corporates like Fujitsu have a poor track record in understanding the software business.

Rod Vawdrey, Chief Executive Officer, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand said in the press release “TELentice Technology empowers Fujitsu to continue to evolve the product suite of digital media solutions and maintain a competitive leading edge in the global market,” – err if he had wanted a competitive edge he would have bought or invested in any number of digital signage software vendors who are on the market (email us for a list if you interested).

He continued “The purchase of the leading edge TELentice software will bring stability and growth in our digital signage market around the word.” and at that point we fell off of our chairs laughing.

Anyway, looks like TELentice has found a home with Fujitsu Digital Media Solutions, a so called Centre of Excellence based at Fujitsu Docklands in Melbourne. We are told that the Centre of Excellence provides real time customer service and an experimental environment to continue to evolve digital media investment and R&D.

Alistair Latham, Group Executive Director, Infrastructure Solutions and Support, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand was a bit more on track with his comments when he said “The acquisition of TELentice technology will further enhance Fujitsu’s strong position in this market and will draw in over 10 years of IP in delivering Digital Media Solutions,”

He continued (though we cannot remember when TELentice last won an award) “Fujitsu Australia can now manage the roadmap of this award winning industry leading solution with the assistance of FAST who developed the TELentice IP. This will ensure that we retain stability and leadership in this area.”

The press release finished with “All Fujitsu subsidiaries and resellers will have the opportunity to purchase the TELentice Software, support services blah blah blah” but failed to mention of course that they could just as well go and buy something a bit more up to date!

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2 Responses to “Fujitsu Acquire Global Rights TELentice”

  1. dsaddict Says:

    Well, TELentice was always called “the one from Fujitsu”, they are developing it since 90’s I think 1998?

    I do not agree about the “18 months”, the last new product was presented 11 months ago.

    I would like to know what do you mean with “a bit more up to date”… i.e. they are offering 3D solutions since 2004.

    At least they now have the assurance that they will not disappear from the market like so many other DS products we’ve seen come and go in recent years.

  2. Mark Schroeder Says:

    A bit of historical perspective on this old post; earlier this year Emstream signed up as a reseller of Fujitsu Digital Media and specifically TELentice. We had previously worked (and continue to work) with a couple of other big global digital signage software products so we have some benchmarks for comparison and I can attest to the fact that in my experience TELentice is up there with anything else in the market place…and is infinitely better supported (by Fujitsu) than many other products we’ve dealt with and/or investigated.

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