HMV Store of The Future

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

HMV Store of Future

I have just seen one of the first of what I believe are two digital download kiosks in HMV in Tunbridge Wells (the other is in HMV Dudley Merry Hill).

Hartland Media (nee Hartland Electronics) have provided HMV with a number of multifunctional kiosk solutions as part of HMV’s Store of The Future concept.

These are nice looking 17″ touchscreens which are being used as advertising / sales tools in-store.

When a customer touches the screen they are given a couple of options: –

  • scan a product, then view and listen to the content (CDs, DVDs, Games)
  • order product via a secure web browser linked to
  • enter a digital download section where they can download to a mobile device

There seems to be some free content on offer which is uploaded each week.

The picture shows the gaming area at Tunbridge wells, customers can play the demo games before they buy, and there are motion sensors that determine the length of play and switch the content – I am told that Hartland have built a similar system for Tesco stores.

I believe that the plan is to offer a broader range of downloadable content later in the year.

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