#ScreenMediaExpo – Money For Nothing

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Jonathan Morgan, Hypertag

We are keeping on eye on all the presentations at #ScreenMediaExpo for our readers and will, over the next few months, flag up those that interest us the most.

Day 2 Channel 2: Smallest Screen 1100-1130 sees a good one we believe entitled ‘Harnessing the power of the small screen: Money for Nothing

Jonathan Morgan, Managing Director, Hypertag will be talking all things proximity marketing…

Proximity Marketing technology enables you to download valuable content to consumers’ mobile phones. The number and type of downloads starts to offer digital signage some level of usability insight and measurability for planners and buyers, this will justify higher budgets going into digital signage networks in the future. The technology will shortly allow the systems to work on existing equipment therefore drastically reducing the cost of implementing such networks, providing a second income stream to digital signage network owners for minimal extra cost. Given the current average return on these systems, this will be an imperative for the industry.

We understand that the presentation will reference projects undertaken by Hypertag for CNN (Munich), JCDecaux (UK) and CNN (UK).

Delegates to this presentation will we are told learn how to get measurability, interactivity and payback form their network for adopting this technology for next to no additional capex cost.

About Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan helped establish the Proximity Marketing industry when, together with three friends, he founded Hypertag in 2001. He has since gone on to build Hypertag into an acknowledged industry leader. An Engineering graduate of Cambridge University, Jonathan spent three years in Operations Management at GKN Plc both in the UK and overseas.

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