Sony Style Barcelona, Wututu Press Release

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s the official press release from the story we were the first to break last week about Wututu winning the Sony Style retail business in Barcelona


Wututu has been chosen by Sony Style Barcelona to incorporate its innovative audience measurement system, Person Counter by Wututu, at the point of sale in the first Sony Style space in Spain, Barcelona. The Sony Style Barcelona shop is a commercial activity already tested in cities such as Berlin, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Las Vegas, and is not only a shop, but an experimental space where products are shown to their full capacity, an experience that both clients and suppliers can take advantage of at the point of sale.

Person Counter by Wututu will allow the Sony Style shop in Barcelona improve its efficiency in its publicity strategy at the point of sale, such as analyze the return on investment of its publicity campaigns as well as analyze sales. From now on, Sony Style will know how many people they are able to attract with their different displays, during which hours they manage to capture the most attention, and which promotions at the point of sale attract the most attention.

At Sony Style Barcelona there is a wide range of products on display such as the High Definition 1080 BRAVIA, VAIO laptops, video cameras, projectors and digital photos….This
display is also accompanied with other companies from the group such as, PlayStation, Sony-BMG, Sony Pictures o Sony-Ericsson.

Person Counter by Wututu is an audience measurement device for publicity in the point of sale that allows for the evaluation of its efficiency, estimate the ROI and justify the taking of decisions based on the data obtained. Through a simple web application the client can access at any given time the total number of observers, the time of observation and the time frame during which each publicity campaign produces the most impact.

“Can we say that we know what we measure? Until now, publicity at the point of sale has not had any method available to measure the real impact of publicity, threefore these chanels llose
thier value. The closing of this project affirms the nesesity in the market to evaluate the efficiency of promotional methods at the point of sale through the incorporation of this device.
This allow for the choosing of the best publicity chanel during each moment and in each location” stated Xavier Capellades, CEO at Wututu.

Some of the most valued characteristics of Person Counter by Wututu by the client has been its technical reliability, it flexibility during installation (the use of wireless and 3G simplifies installation), its compact size as well as the national and international coverage offered by Wututu.

The central offices of Sony in Spain are in Barcelona, with a team of 400 employees. Likewise the company has a distribution centre in Castellar del Vallès and in the Barcelona Technology Centre in Viladecans housing around 2,500 employees.

Wututu, on the other hand is a start-up that offers the latest generation of proprietry products and solutions focused on the world of marketing and publicity at the point of sale. The company
is directed by que Xavier Capellades and Jordi Faci, and has as its main shareholders SODENA and Caixa Capital Riesgo with offices both in Barcelona and Pamplona. They are also members of the Innovation Park, La Salle (Barcelona) and the European Centre of Innovation in
Navarra Navarra (CEIN – Navarra)

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