Latest Issue Of The Hub

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have been really enjoying the recent issues of the Hub and it’s great to have something to (easily) catch up with when on a plane.

Earlier this month (yes we only just read it) Stuart Armstrong, President, EnQii North America wrote a nice piece entitled “Harley Knows Best” which talked about Digital signage networks offering a new kind of creative canvas

Our favourite article however (there are lots of good ones and they are all well worth flicking through) was entitled “Lost & Found” – best summarised by the editors…

As retailers find their own brand identities, will manufacturers lose theirs? A discussion featuring Mike Salzberg of Campbell Soup, Daren Sorenson of Coca-Cola, Ken Fenyo of Kroger, Nick Vlahos of Clorox and Ken Barnett of MARS Advertising.


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