Digital Signage Resource Directory

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Jill Miller, President of The Digital Signage/Group has reminded us that there is a call for listings for the 7th edition of the Digital Signage Resource Directory.

Companies can go to to update or add to their listing.

The print edition will be available in mid August and it’s available as a PDF for international (i.e. non-US) companies as well.

There’s also a call for entries to the 2008 DIGI awards at the same address.

One Response to “Digital Signage Resource Directory”

  1. Jon Turner Says:

    Beware anyone who signs up for this. I signed up, selecting the basic (free) listing after reading this blog post.

    Today I received an email from Jill saying that I owed her $650 because I selected an “enhanced” listing.

    I went back on my profile on the directory and it still shows that I selected the “basic” listing which should be free.

    I wonder how many people received this paypal invoice like me and have paid it? BEWARE!

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