Millionaire’s Mall, India

Chris Sheldrake

DLF Emporio is undoubtedly one of India’s Most Luxurious Shopping Destinations, located in New Delhi it houses 80 specialty retailers…

There is a large Barco LED, 9 large screen (17′ x 3.5′ made up by a number of 46″ Samsung LCD panels) and a myriad of Samsung 46″ (LED backlit) screens in portrait mode.

Software is Scala, won we are told against local supplier TruKnox.

Locals tell us that the response within the Mall has been very good – tenants like Hugo Boss are not surprisingly organising videos to go up on the video wall.

TDI International India Limited will be selling advertising on the digital network.

2 Responses to “Millionaire’s Mall, India”

  1. Hmmmmmm Says:

    Scala price by market. Therefore their pricing in India is matched to local market conditions. They do, but they will deny it, use legacy apps as a smart market entry product. So hats off to Mrs. Elizaga and co for winning this small install on the basis of brand and functionality and probably price. Now tell us why and when did they close the China office?

  2. Response to hmmmmm Says:

    You need to know more about the Indian market. You can get digital signage software for anything from free to a few $100. Anything that can playback a video is termed as digital signage software. Global players like 3M sell an entirely different low functionality software acquired from a Bangalore based company and for Indian price.

    By the way Emporio Mall is not a small install. It is the tip of an iceberg one of the more than 30 installations in India.

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