XpanD Introduces New XpanD ONE 3D Solution

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

In a major introduction that extends advanced 3D technology to cinema environments of various sizes, XpanD, Los Angeles introduced the XpanD ONE 3D solution at ShoWest 2010, the motion picture industry convention, this week in Las Vegas.

Designed for theaters with a maximum capacity of 150 seats, the XpanD ONE system gives owners of intimate cinema exhibition spaces and fully digitized multiplexes the opportunity to offer customers the same groundbreaking 3D technology found in the world’s largest and most popular multiplexes.

Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD, says that the XpanD ONE system fulfills a specific need for smaller theaters.

“We understand that more intimate cinema venues are investing in 3D,” says Costeira.. “With an amazing lineup of 3D movies to be released in 2010, we also expect fully digitized multiplexes to increase their programming flexibility by adding a few small, 3D-ready theaters inside their multiplexes. The introduction of the XpanD ONE system now means that our revolutionary 3D technology is available to all exhibitors, regardless of theater size.”

The XpanD ONE is a single cable, plug and play IR controller and 150 pairs of XpanD active 3D glasses. The XpanD ONE can easily be moved from one theater to another in a fully digitized multiplex, turning all the secondary halls into 3D theaters, as movie programming requires. Like standard XpanD systems, XpanD ONE does not require a silver screen, provides the brightest 3D images, works with all DLP cinema projectors and is widely acknowledged for its theatrical 3D presentation.

Since introducing the X101 active 3D glasses in early 2009, XpanD has sold more than 2 million pairs around the world to some of the world’s most prestigious cinemas. The X101 Series glasses are based on XpanD’s ‘pi-cell’ technology, and feature environmentally friendly repeat usage, a power-saving auto on/off mechanism and solid construction for long-term, fully hygienic usage. With an extended product life of 5,000 shows per unit, XpanD provides exhibitors with the best return on investment with their 3D systems.

X6D Limited is a global company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. whose products and services are marketed under the XpanD brand name. XpanD was created by industry veterans in theatrical exhibition, entertainment, film production and distribution, and specialty film and digital technologies. It is funded by a European investment fund. XpanD technology is used by over 2,700 3D cinemas in more than 50 countries and is the default 3D solution for many post-production houses, educational and professional 3D applications.

XpanD ONE is available for immediate sales.

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