Adcalator Escalator Signage

Dmitry Sokolov

Transportation has long been a fertile ground for digital signage. Screens are becoming ubiquitous on buses, vans, trucks, along walkways in airports, even alongside escalators.


A digital signage attachment for escalators

Now a Korean company Adcalator wants to fit screens on handrails of escalators. Arriving yesterday (with interpreters in hand), Adcalator pitched their escalator attachments that positions a digital screen on the base of the escalator railing.

The attachment not only displays messaging on the LCD display but simultaneously cleans the hand-rail using UV rays to disinfect the handrail as it travels through the machine.

Could the sanitation feature be a key differentiator in today’s age of bird and swine influenza paranoia? Ed

The product we are told is installed in the SM Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines, a number of locations in Mexico and in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our Manila contacts commented that the screens  in the SM Mall of Asia “look nice, but all the kids expect the monitors to be touched and keep poking the screen”.

The only North American install was recently taken out of the O’Hare airport due to ‘the advertising company not meeting its commitment’.

Adcalator is currently looking for North American resellers to deploy in US and Canada.

The product is built with a Samsung LCD inside (which suggest a 3-year warranty on the screen) and is available in either single or paired configuration.

Adcalator did not have details on the software platform used to manage the displays, but after spending approximate USD 16K MSRP on a pair of Adcalators, costs of your favorite software license and a PC will seem insignificant.

If you have trouble installing the Adcalator, you can have a team of technicians fly out from Korea for an additional USD 1500 plus flight and incidentals.

Not a bad deal if you consider how much hospitals, airports and public facilities spend on cleaning, sanitation and um…. way-finding. (I guess the Adcalator puts these under the same line item).

For more on the Adcalator visit or speak with, if you are in Canada and think this is a good idea.

4 Responses to “Adcalator Escalator Signage”

  1. Adam Hollander Says:

    I don’t think this works because you can’t pause in front of an escalator. This will cause a pile up and possible injury. Or viewing time is 1 second. Technically great but real world it does not make good saftey sense.

  2. Don Sperring Says:

    This would never get through health and safety in most western markets, & commercially I can’t see it working, ROI wouldn’t look good. Just shows to what lengths some will take the ubiquitous screen!

  3. Darren Coles Says:

    Just had an invite to the Korean Trade Commission to meet with Adcalator, as a possible distributor. And decided to research this product a bit more and see what other peoples views were.

    Both above comments have validity, and I agree safety issues are of concern.

    The best utilisation of digital signage on a escalator is a series of screens running up the wall, where they are synced with the speed of the escalator so you can see the adverts without having to look back. (plenty of dwell time, and highly effective)

  4. Chris Place Says:

    I recently created a product that also cleans escalators. Mine uses a more efficient technology and is far more subtle. The purpose is to safely sanitize the escalator and as by-product give commuters a feeling of security that the rail they are holding is clean.

    Take a look.

    or go through the blog section of my website.

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