Pot, #dse2010, Kettle, Black

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Remember when certain competing-trade-show-people-who-may-or-may-not-have-behaved-badly were NOT allowed into #dse2010 back in February?

Well this made us laugh this morning over our first ristretto..

Visiting or Exhibiting Screen Media Expo London in May? Want to meet to talk about DSE Las Vegas 2011?

I am the international sales channel rep for Digital Signage Expo Las Vegas 2011, and will be meeting with many of the EMEA / International key players within the industry to discuss their presence in Las Vegas 2011.

If you want to meet to at the Screen Media Expo, I will be there – please reply to this if you want to organise a brief meeting, or if you need any more information about the Las Vegas 2011 Digital Signage Expo.

To be fair this was an announcement put up in the Digital Signage Expo LinkedIn Group (we are just waiting for it to propagate via cut and paste to the myriad of other groups mind you) and to be fair also it was NOT from anyone at Exponation (organisers of this year’s #dse2010 and next years #dse2011 of course) but from a company, one would assume, hired to market the event in EMEA by said same folks.

The title on the LinkedIn post was Interim Marketing Manager C.I.W.M – Futuresource. Events & Marketing Services UK & Turkey. DSE Las Vegas 2011.

Anyway it made us chuckle.

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  1. Luis Del Monte Says:

    Do unto others as thou would like done unto you!

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