Free Mobile Phone App For Charities

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Mobilecause, a Los Angeles-based web services software company for mobile fundraising, has launched an iPhone application called uGive that allows participating charities another platform to spread their message and solicit support – both financial and through increased social media exposure.

Using their web console, participating charities can instantly add themselves to the constantly updated database of organizations offered on the freely downloaded app. When iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users launch the uGive app, the software updates itself in real time to include each organization’s latest information, mobile giving campaigns and/or videos.

The app also includes the ability to make instant mobile donations, share uGive link and organization details with friends via email, or learn more about the charity.

To help organizations leverage the growing power of social media, the tool also offers users one-touch options to follow their favorite charity on Facebook or Twitter. Further, updates are made in real time so content is kept constantly fresh.

“With the immense popularity of iPhone apps, we wanted to offer our participating charities a quick relevant vehicle for leveraging this growing medium and reaching the next generation of donors,”
says Douglas Plank, Mobilecause CEO and experienced fundraiser.

To give charities the data and insight needed to better manage their campaigns, Mobilecause customers have the ability to track visitors, create campaigns (and web-based widgets) to solicit mobile donations, track donations and make content changes for the uGive app on-the-fly, all without carrier approval.

Mobilecause nominated a Top 100 Private U.S. Company by AlwaysOn Media, is a leading web service for mobile fundraising. Mobilecause delivers non-profit organizations a simple-to-use web services software solution for the complete launch and management of mobile micro and macro giving, messaging, text polling and text-to-donate over SMS, Twitter and SMTP. Mobilecause is a company comprised of leading non-profit and technology professionals with the right blend of experience to help non-profits take these 21st century tools to help and grow, engage and retain their member and donor base.

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