#Kioskcom Blogger Lounge Goodie Bags

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are continuing to experiment with our blogger giveaways. This week in Las Vegas where of course we have the Blogger Zone and Social Sphere at #Kioskcom we are going for exclusive high value Goodie Bags available only to bloggers of course….

© 2010 Madeleine Rachel Cotterill (MRC)

We have ONLY 10 to giveaway so it will be first come first served!!

The picture shows a VERY nice Samsonite spill-proof pouch complete with:-

  • L’occitane fresh wipes
  • Harris eye mask (the kind used on planes to help one sleep)
  • Harris pen
  • Harris USB stick

Imagesound have again surpassed themselves with a credit card memory device containing 20 MP3 music tracks!

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