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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Pixman Turkey

I first came across the Pixman Nomadic Media Solutions offering in the UK via a company up in Glasgow called Kommando and saw the offering again in Turkey.

Pixman head office is in Montreal, Canada, it’s creator is a chap called Daniel Langlois who founded Softimage – responsible for the 3D computer effects for films such as Jurassic Park, Gladiator, Titanic and Harry Potter (the commpany was later sold to Microsoft).

The Pixman screen was created back in 2002 when they were looking for a
solution that would extend the Toronto Film Festivals reach, by taking short films to people who would not normally visit a festival – namely people in crowded inner city public areas.

It was first used for the marketing of the first Microsoft Xbox – which took place in New York and from there Pixman as an experiential marketing solution was born !

Pixman has partner agreements in over 25 countries – taking the view, quite rightly, that there is no replacement for local expertise (and as such partner agreements are the way forward).

The Pixman Turkey folks were in attendance at the MarketingIST event in Istanbul – where the photo above was taken and doing a great job at generating interest.

Pixman has this strange giraffe like device for their screens which means it is difficult to miss folks when they arre wallking around with it.

They tend to walk around in a group (like a herd if I am to stretch the giraffe reference to a ridiculous degree) which also adds to the impact.

Kommando is a UK agency specialising in non-traditional consumer engagement . They are Pixman’s exclusive partner for UK and Ireland.

As Pixman / Kommando in the UK say in their DOOHAN entry “Pixman is the worlds only wearable overhead screen solution; OVERHEAD guarantees greater standout in any crowded environment”

It’s also waterproof so is not limited to indoor exhibition events.

Pixman offers DVD Playback, wireless gaming, PC – WiFi / 3G intelligent data capture, live streaming and pushed bluetooth content.

I like the wearable offerings. Works well at shows and I would have thought that every exhibition would want a modern version of the old ‘sandwich-board’ man.


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  1. Ozan Dincer Says:

    Dear Adrian,

    Initially, thank you for your beautiful response about Pixman Turkey. You saw our ‘brand ambassadors’ in the Turkey’s biggest and the most intelligent platform which is Marketing-Ist. We started to work in Turkey four months ago and now, our all equipments and rights are patented inventions in Turkey and all over the world.

    We did our own advertising in this fair. It was preciously excited and amazing because Turkey’s advertising companies and the other intermediaries don’t have these kind of interesting nomadic media styles. Pixman Turkey is going through it’s own way between the all outdoor activities. It’s absolutely unique!

    We saw that you were written some of the brief informations about the Pixman technology in your blog. These are completely correct informations. If you desire to follow up our future works please visit our web site: http://www.pixmanturkey.com You will find all the informations and the video materials is on our web site.

    Thank you for your kind and interest.

    My Best Regards,

    Ozan Dincer
    Pixman Turkey Operations

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