Pump Up At The Gas Pump

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The newest programming on Ivine, California-based PumpTop TV screens is urging gas station customers to ‘Pump Up at the Gas Pump’ through fun and interactive workout programming being broadcast at thousands of gas pumps across te U.S..

The new exercise program was created by PumpTop TV and ExerciseTV, the leading digital fitness network that provides fitness videos, workout plans and exercise tips to support a healthy lifestyle through a cable video-on- demand channel, DVDs, an iPhone app and online at www.ExerciseTV.tv. PumpTop TV features 30-second exercise videos at gas stations across the country.

Viewers can download 10 videos of exercises that can be done at the pump, or, anywhere else, at www.exercisetv.tv/pump. These 10 original videos were created exclusively for PumpTop TV by ExerciseTV, which was founded by Jake Steinfeld of ‘Body by Jake’ fame.

ExerciseTV trainers provide a quick tutorial and then demonstrate in 30 seconds how the exercises are done. Customers are now stretching, bending, and lifting as they watch 30-second videos that teach quick and easy exercises to supplement any fitness regimen.

“Pumping gas is five minutes of down time that could be used to fuel a healthy lifestyle,” says Chris Mansolillo, ExerciseTV general manager. “So why not get pumped up at the pump with effective 30 second video programs in over 15 categories including abs, yoga, cardio, Pilates, pregnancy workouts and kickboxing?”

Doug Woo, executive vice-president of AdtekMedia, parent company of PumpTop TV, says, “These new 30 second workout videos are a unique and interactive way to jump start the rest of your day. This reflects PumpTop TV’s continuing commitment to millions of viewers at the pump to bring fun and freshness to the gas station experience.”

PumpTop TV is viewed by more than 12 million motorists each month. Exercise TV reaches more than 37 million customers through its various mediums and avenues.

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