#ScreenMediaExpo – SA Digiadvan Stand J1

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

SA Screen Media, headquartered in Meadowfield, Durham, is showing off its interactive SA Digiadvan at Screenmedia Expo, stand J1, and I’m personally looking forward to seeing it in ‘real life’ after viewing it in action several times over the Web.

SA Screen Media develops and executes interactive marketing campaigns on behalf of the world’s leading brands and services, and with its interactive solutions, the public can see, hear and ‘touch’ the advertiser’s products.

Considering its offering as the next generation of DOOH advertising, SA Screen Media calls it Interactive Digital Out Of Home or iDOOH, and claims iDOOH has the ability to push retention levels and create positive, engaging audience experiences that can redefine the relationship consumers have with brands and services.

SA Digiadvans featuring iDOOH are proving popular both in Europe and now in the U.S. where the company has opened an office in Miami.

Among recent advertisers on Digiadvans are Curry’s retail stores, Calvin Kline, Guiness and Britain’s Labour Party.

Along with showing off its SA Digiadvan at Screenmedia Expo, the company will be also be showing its new SA Digiwalker, its new mobile wearable screen, also with interactive abilities.

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