#ScreenMediaExpo – Hyundai Anti-Graffiti

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Hyundai, the multi-faceted conglomerate that launched a digital signage division only two years ago, is here with an impressive display of screens and Sascha Iwanowsky, who handles marketing, tells us that the company is now moving into the North American market.

One of the products that highly impressed us is the anti-graffiti ability of some of the company’s solutions, making that problem simple to remove. The company has a stand-alone screen that’s designed with outdoor climates in mind, a 46” model currently available, with a 70” one soon to come.

Among other impressive features are the looping system for cooling (an ulta-important factor for most companies these days) and the use of transflective technology, whereby sunlight helps enhance the screens.

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