GoTV Acquisition Gives New Capabilities

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Los Angeles-based GoTV Networks Inc., mobile media network, has acquired the HOMBRE (Hands-On Mobile Binary Runtime Environment) division of Hands-On Mobile Inc.

With this deal, GoTV Networks acquires the library of HOMBRE applications, client and server technologies and patents. HOMBRE division employees joining GoTV continue to be located in San Francisco and in a technology lab in San Diego. Hands-On Mobile Inc. also receives an equity stake in GoTV Networks.

“This acquisition extends our capabilities as we strive to set the standard for mobile content engagement and syndication,” says Thomas Ellsworth, CEO, GoTV Networks. “The HOMBRE has delivered an exceptional library of products for top-tier brands and media partners including the Oprah Winfrey Network, Sprint, NASCAR, Verizon Wireless and the NFL.”

GoTV Networks also brings Scott Scherer on-board from HOMBRE as senior vice-president of product development and technology. Scherer will continue to manage four key teams: product management, engineering, user experience, and quality assurance.

The sale is a strategic move that will enable Hands-On Mobile to focus on its core competencies in gaming and to extend key product lines into other areas, says Addo Barrows, CFO and interim CEO of Hands-On Mobile.

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