Virginia K. Cargill Joins EnQii’s Global Advisory Board

Chris Sheldrake

EnQii today announced that Virginia K. Cargill has joined its global advisory board. Most people would know Virginia from SignStorey; a company probably worth maximum USD 15 million at the time sold to those fools at CBS Outernet for a gobsmacking USD 71.5million!

Enqii’s global advisory board was created to provide EnQii’s customers with world class strategic advice in advertising sales, digital merchandising and out of home strategy.

Ajay Chowdhury, EnQii’ s CEO told us ”We are excited and honoured that Virginia has agreed to join our advisory board. As the Digital Out of Home industry continues to grow rapidly, her experience in building one of the world’s premier Digital Out of Home brands, together with her web, in-store and brand marketing experience, will add immense value to our clients and help them secure greater returns from their investment in digital out of home media.“

Ms. Cargill added “As we emerge from these difficult economic times, brands are recognising that digital signage is a critical consumer touchpoint before they make their purchasing decision and EnQii has shown a deep understanding of the effective use of the medium to influence consumers in retail and other environments on a global basis.”

Virginia Cargill has more than 30 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods and in-store marketing industries, as a client, service provider and successful entrepreneur and she is now a Venture Partner with Alerion Partners in Rowayton, CT.

Prior to joining Alerion Partners, Virginia was President & CEO of CBS Outernet, formerly SignStorey, Inc, a digital media company focused on the grocery industry that was acquired by CBS in October, 2007. At the time of acquisition, SignStorey’s network included 12 different retail banners, over 2,000 screens, had 23 different content channels and reached over 72 million consumers every month. During her term as President of CBS Outernet, the company added the GameStop TV network to its offerings and completed its 4,000 store installation in April, 2010. Prior to that, Virginia was President of Lamaze Publishing Company and the Newborn Channel, which became iVillage Parenting Group after the company’s sale to iVillage Inc. in 2001. Virginia has also held significant leadership roles with in-store communications provider ActMedia (now News America Marketing, a division of News Corp.), where for over 12 years she helped develop and manage some of the most successful in-store promotional products ever launched.

Other members of EnQii’s advisory board include David Hearn (formerly CEO of Cordiant Group), Jeff McElnea (formerly CEO of Einson-Freeman, the global promotions agency), Jerry Hill (formerly CEO of Initiative Media – UK/Eire), James Lim (formerly CEO of Digital Media Group, China) and James Abdool (formerly CEO of TSC Music Systems).

3 Responses to “Virginia K. Cargill Joins EnQii’s Global Advisory Board”

  1. anon Says:

    Hilarious! Just when you thought the world of DOOH couldn’t get “more stooopider”.

    Number one what is it with so many DOOH companies forming advisory boards. Just happened at RMG as well. The problem is most are filled with insiders who haven’t a clue of how to develop a real business strategy in this industry.

    The day my company forms an advisory board is the day I go join one somewhere else and sip drinks on a warm beach somewhere.

    Will echo what you said about Virginia though. If there is one thing she can do it’s sell a company.

  2. James Bremner Says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    Firstly, EnQii’s advisory board isn’t a marketing program, it was designed to deliver even more experience and credibility, for the direct benefit of our networks’ stakeholders. The feedback we’ve had has been extraordinarily positive, both from an existing client point of view, as well as our many prospects.

    We’re delighted to have the stature to add Virginia to our advisory board. Digital signage isn’t just about hanging a sign. We know that it’s about everything from strategy and business modeling to software, content and reporting. Virginia brings real experience and expertise to the many of those areas.

  3. anon Says:

    I know that. I’m sorry – for your business she’ll be a fine addition.

    Digital signage isn’t just about hanging a sign? That’s what SS did for several years. Simply port over traditional TV to the bananas. It was a poor model. And the reason they were never a truly strategic partner at their grocery clients.

    You make money either way because you sell a network (hardware/operating solution) to a third party. There are plenty of folks working on that. I think you have a great product. Most of it’s just not economically sustainable for most of your clients who will spend someone else’s investment. Ginny (and plenty others) never figured that out.

    This industry needs new brains – I should know, I have an old one.

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