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Dmitry Sokolov

In the last 5 years, those following the Canadian Digital Signage landscape have likely witnessed Burlington Ontario’s ADFLOW Networks quietly become the de-facto expert on digital signage in the wireless / mobile phone retail store environment. With a client roster including  Telus, Koodo, Rogers and others, ADFLOW’s focus on this segment yielded the company high return and expert status in the market dominated by the big 3 telecom customers.

With recent deregulation of the wireless spectrum in Canada and the increasing prevalence of niche regional providers (such as Wind Mobile, launched in December 2009, also using ADFLOW), ADFLOW continues to expand its presence in the sector, consistently adding new regional customers.

Their latest project for  Saskatchewan’s  SaskTel dealer, Jump Wireless’  “store of the future”  location really caught our attention.

Taking design cues from the highly-stylized aesthetic of the store’s interior, ADFLOW created a truly immersive experience for the shopper.

A large 1 by 7 video-wall spans the length of the space, matching a branded architectural light box on the opposing wall of the store. Vertical 40” screens replace traditional static posters, virtually eliminating the need for paper-based promotional posters. Additional 40” screens, now in landscape format, offer more media space for other promotions and branded messaging.

ADFLOW’s signature phone ‘information stations’ (integrated with Retail Task Force’s live phone security components) line the walls to help customers explore phone features and plans while providing customer interaction data to Jump’s marketing team on a weekly basis. (Similar to the integration done for Koodo, the system tracks the number of interactions as well as time spent on each content element, allowing the content team to tweak messaging as required for most effectiveness.) When idle, the screens play a standard attract loop, contributing to the in-store branding experience.

Finally, the Microsoft Surface table-top (integration done by Jump’s parent company, IQ Metrics)  provides an additional layer of interactivity allowing visitors an ‘experiential interaction’ with the brand, phones and other content.

We are told they  will expand to 3 more locations this year and the balance of stores in 2011.

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  1. Mark Leo Says:


    I’m sure you mean the de-facto expert in Canada. Good luck to ADFLOW networks and well done. Here in Germany and across the Middle East we at dimedis using our kompas digital signage platform extensively use 3G technology for interactive digital signage in the retail, govt and corporate segments. Our largest network for a global brand who insist on not being named is over 2,300 locations, 90% of which is delivered over 3G.

    So ADFLOW networks are not alone.
    If you want to know more do email me at

  2. Daniel Fleischer Says:

    Great aritcle Dmitry. As SaaS digital signage software manufacturers ourselves, we at BroadSign have seen all kinds of DS solutions for retail – and this implementation by ADFLOW, IMHO, is retail DS done right.

    -Daniel Fleischer

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