#infoComm – BrightSign Booth #N2460

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

BrightSign will be featuring BrightSign Network, its hosted networking service; and the many accessories it offers to enhance BrightSign solid-state digital signage and kiosk controllers at its InfoComm Booth.

It will also demonstrate Version 2.0 of BrightAuthor Software.

BrightSign digital sign and kiosk controllers are complete, ready-to-use solutions that include the hardware, software and networking tools for driving stand-alone or networked displays. Each BrightSign model is packaged with features and connectivity options for specific applications, so customers only pay for the features they need.

In addition to its basic looping models, models for full interactivity and networking models, BrightSign’s low-cost hosted networking service and a broad range of accessories provide integrators and content developers with more flexibility in creating dynamic displays. With these options, BrightSign customers can save time and have the assurance of full compatibility with BrightSign players.

BrightSign Network is an affordable, subscription-based hosted service that provides the complete infrastructure to serve and support a BrightSign digital signage network. With the service, small and large digital sign network users have everything they need to create digital signage presentations, schedule updates, manage multiple groups of displays remotely and review real-time reports for playback confirmations via a secure Web connection.

Featuring world-class security, authentication, redundancy and fail-safe features, it frees users from the complexities and cost of hosting and maintaining their own network, and is scalable from networks with one to hundreds of players.

BrightAuthor, the central interface for BrightSign single-site and networked digital signage displays, is a PC-based application that makes creating, updating, managing and monitoring digital signage displays so easy, no IT department is required. During the demonstrations, InfoComm attendees will see how the latest version of BrightAuthor makes it easier than ever to create full-screen and multi-zone playlists for looping displays, and to implement BrightSign features such as day-parting and simple networking.

BrightAuthor features intuitive templates and tools that even non-technical customers can use to quickly make their own presentations and be assured that the project will successfully run on their BrightSign unit.

Combined, BrightAuthor software and BrightSign digital signage displays offer complete, end-to-end solutions for businesses and organizations to economically showcase a product, demonstrate it in-use or provide entertaining information on flat-screen or HD displays.

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