Onestop Soccer Updates

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Torontonians hoping to keep up with the World Cup matches and news no longer have to fear going into the subway and missing what’s going on.

Digital screens from Onestop Media, Toronto, are running a Real Time World Cup update service.

Using existing Onestop networks, including Toronto Transit Commission platform video screens, the new service is constantly updated with a real-time score ticker with 20-40 new stories a day, some with pictures.

“Whether you’re a soccer fan or just World Cup curious, almost everyone is wants to know what’s happening in the game,” says Michael Girgis, president, Onestop Media Group. “We are providing what you need to know in real time.”

Adam Giambrone, TTC chair, says, “Torontonians love soccer. Our partnership with Onestop has allowed us to provide this enhanced service to our daily 1.6 million riders.”

“Our goal at Onestop has always been to balance practical transit information with fun features such as our lotteries, the Toronto Urban Film Festival, and now our World Cup feature.” says Girgis.

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