#DSX2010 – ganz großer Mist

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Does anyone know how the organisers of Digital Signage Expo and Kiosk Expo Europe, Essen managed to come up with 3,250 visitors?

SERIOUSLY there is no way that this event was busier than #ScreenMediaExpo (3,195 attendees).

We also hear that next year the event will be back to its usual date of May – so seems like the organisers want to go head to head with #ScreenMediaExpo, London.

Separate side note: Our systems measured 60 tweets for the hashtag #DSX2010

2 Responses to “#DSX2010 – ganz großer Mist”

  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    Having exhibited at Screen Media Expo and on the Advantech booth at Digital Signage Expo, my personal view was that the Digital Signage Expo was in no way as busy as Screen Media Expo.

    It would be interesting to know if the stats are based on the unique individual visitors that went through the door at Digital Signage Expo as I was scanned everytime I went in the main hall over each day.

    It would be great if the shows had an independent body to count visitors as potential exhibitors and visitors could then compare apples for apples. This would also weed the good from bad and force the trade show sector to consolidate, which has to happen for them to survive.

  2. Thomas Dockter Says:

    In Germany there is an independent body that counts visitors and all relevant data. See here the data for viscom/Digital Signage World: http://www.auma.de/_pages/MesseDetailListe.aspx?id=98494

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