Clear Channel Helps School Survey To Record Participation

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Clear Channel New York’s recent partnership with the New York City Department of Education helped result in record participation in the DOE’s Annual New York City Public School Survey.

More than 922,000 parents, teachers and students responded to the 2010 survey, assessing how well schools are serving them. Participation in the annual survey reached a new high in all city boroughs.

The DOE partnered with Clear Channel New York as part of a pro bono marketing campaign to raise awareness of the survey and increase participation. Clear Channel contributed more than US$500,000 in media assets over eight weeks across its outdoor, radio, and digital platforms and helped create the marketing materials distributed across the five boroughs.

The record participation represents an increase of more than 73,000 respondents above last year and more than 335,000 respondents since the survey was launched in 2007. Results show that parents, teachers, and students are largely satisfied with the performance of their schools, and that schools continue to improve in the four key areas – academic expectations, communication, engagement, and safety – measured by the survey. School leaders will use the results in planning for the upcoming school year.

The NYC School Survey is the largest annual survey administered across the U.S. and provides critical information to better serve students, parents, and teachers.

In an effort to limit costs, conserve paper, and reduce the survey’s impact on the environment, the DOE encouraged respondents to take the survey online. This year 100% of teachers and 100,000 students in 386 schools opted to take the survey online. Overall, one in every five surveys was completed online this year—nearly twice the level of online participation as last year.

Survey results were collected and compiled by the accounting firm KPMG. All survey results are confidential, and no one at the Department of Education or in the schools can link individuals to their answers.

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