Can You Spell That Again Please?

Jorge Garcia de Bustos

“Delta-Alpha-India-Lima-Yankee-Delta-Oscar-Oscar-Hotel, DailyDOOH.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“Daily Digital Out Of Home, of course.”

“All right, whatever, I’ll register the domain.”

I don’t recall the exact words, but that was probably the gist of a phone chat between Adrian and me on 25 July 2007. After a few hours of research, we settled on WordPress as the content management platform. Shortly afterwards, a bare bones was up and running.

On 26 July, Adrian spent the whole morning writing dozens of posts to archive the newsletters he had been sending over the previous months. Later that evening he wrote the first original post to feature on DailyDOOH.

And what did DailyDOOH look like during summer 2007? Check out the Internet Archive and see for yourselves.

Many things happened over the next three years: we started the email newsletter on 29 November 2007, which is sent to more than 5,000 people every weekday (over 5,322 actual recipients as of now). I know for a fact that Adrian still gets a kick out of watching the traffic peak at 1pm London time. We signed our first advertiser over Christmas 2007 (a certain band of amigos).

(From left to right) Russ, Jorge, Adrian, Gail, Andrew, Onyee at #ScreenMediaExpo 2010

Spring 2008 saw the d├ębut of some of our regular contributors, such as Manolo Almagro, Russ Curry and Alex Hughes, plus the appointment of our North American Editor Gail Chiasson. DailyDOOH, which had begun life as a vehicle for Adrian’s strong opinion (and his uncanny ability to wind up certain individuals), had become a joint effort of respected professionals around the world.

But it was not until one year later, in April 2009, that master geek Andrew Neale joined our crack team. Andrew not only does most of the behind-the-scenes hard work that keeps DailyDOOH running smoothly; he also provides his unique technical insight. Of all the members in our little conspiracy, he is the true DOOH maestro, the technical mastermind who 12 years ago built his own music network from scratch and followed that with one of the first UK digital screen networks. More importantly he trained us Padawans in the art of digital signage and digital out of home.

We would like to thank our contributors, for sharing their insight and expertise and for choosing DailyDOOH as their particular soapbox to stand on. Many thanks to our sponsors and advertisers, because their financial support pays our bills and keeps us running (and flying, whenever Icelandic volcanoes sleep!). But the people who deserve our most heartfelt gratitude are our regular readers, the DailyDOOH junkies who come here often for their regular fix. Without the people who visit the site on a daily basis, who receive our newsletter, who subscribe to our RSS feeds, who follow us on Facebook and who participate in Twitter conversations none of this would be possible.

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