ISA Launches Sign Code Hotspot Database

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A Sign Code Hotspot Database has been launched by the Alexandria, Virginia-based International Sign Association.

The new database of code issues provides an important repository of educational and informational materials on some of the common challenges that sign professionals face. 

It contains materials that relate to common regulatory issues challenging the sign industry and, by accessing the database, members will find information compiled by ISA that has been used to educate local officials in similar cases.

“Most sign companies only face these challenges every few years,”
says Kenny Peskin, ISA manager of state and local government affairs. “It has been difficult to apply that knowledge in other communities. This database helps the sign industry to build on the lessons learned in one community, for use in all areas.”

The online tool, which is accessible to all ISA members at, currently contains issues as diverse as restricting pole signs to municipal failure to process permit applications in a timely manner. Users also may find information on EMC limitations, redevelopment regulations that impact existing businesses, and sign engineering issues, among other topics. The resource can also help members engage in issues in their communities as they arise, in order to have factual data to support their cases.

“We want to provide a way for the research we have gathered to really impact local sign code issues before the opportunity is lost,” Peskin says. He hopes that members will not only use the information there, but also inform ISA of issues they are facing and provide feedback on further growing the database.

Creating the Sign Code Hotspot Database is part of ISA’s role in promoting and improving the worldwide sign industry, through educational, advocacy, and networking initiatives.

The International Sign Association (ISA) is a 2,300-member trade association. Its members are manufacturers, suppliers, and users of on-premise signs and sign products from the 50 United States and 60 countries around the world. ISA supports, promotes, and improves the worldwide sign industry, which employs or directly impacts over 250,000 American workers and more than $49 billion in annual shipments.

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