~sedna GmbH iPad Signage Solution

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

~sedna GmbH need help. First off, we are not entirely sure that we can quite trust a brand with a tilde at the front and whilst ‘~sedna GmbH’ works just fine as a Google search, try entering that directly in the Google Chrome address bar and you end up with a ‘No webpage was found for the web address: file:///Users/sedna%20GmbH’ as the tilde confuses the browser into looking for a file on the local PC.

Anyway we digress. ~sedna GmbH have a couple of distributors (two in particular who could probably better be described as supreme ‘power users’) that they should be very proud of.

~sedna GmbH even have a number of digital signage products for Mac that they should also be rather pleased with BUT they as a company do not seem to control their own PR, manage their brand or do very much to raise their profile (not least in promoting the great work that their distributors seem to be doing). This is surely going to be their downfall unless it changes?

At this moment in time we are actually particularly interested in Mac based digital signage products (a software research project for one of our OEM customers) and there are actually not many of those OSX based solutions around.

Combine that ‘MAC uniqueness’ with the current excitement around the iPad and what you should get (~sedna GmbH are you listening?) is a co-ordinated marketing strategy that manages to create a real ‘buzz’. Will all the excitement around the iPad at the moment it wouldn’t be too difficult to get even the likes of Gizmodo, Engadget or even the mainstream techy press (think FT Tehnology) etc.

Instead any product announcements and excitement-generation has been left to two distributors who (luckily for us) have been pretty excellent at keeping us in the loop: Mark Solomon from UK based Broadcast1080 briefed us this week on the actual availability of the ~sedna GmbH iPad-based digital signage solution whilst Brad Eisenhaure from Activate The Space has continued his online and viral passion for the product on LinkedIn, YouTube etc. including his latest news that “iPad Digital signage, now available for download in the iPad App Store”.

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