What A Week We Have Coming Up

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I hope you are all reading this over the weekend (or okay at the very least EARLY Monday morning) or you won’t be able to keep up!!

Okay so the Doberman Pincher Alliance of America did not announce their head hound last week as folks told us they would but next week sees Monday kick off with a realy cool tech inspired campaign going live on JCDecaux’s digital network in the UK, more investment news from STRATACACHE, a big announcement from Adcentricity, a very likely announcement from Amscreen on Wednesday, an industry nice guy all set to join Scala (well we think he already has but more on that on Monday and throughout the week), two software companies in the US very close to going belly up (and message to one of them “deny all you like that you are for sale but you won’t sell yourself to a ‘carrier’ anytime soon”) and lots more!!

Pedro Andres Sanchez from Monster Media in Orlando, Florida and his iPad feature in our will work for love feature on Monday also.

Don’t forget to check back Monday and throughout the week.

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