Mobile Apps Conference, San Francisco

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The iHollywood Forum is holding a Mobile Apps Conference on 5th October in San Francisco.

Conference Tickets range from USD 125-250 (Early Bird rates apply; prices increase closer to event).

Described as a way to discover strategies for success for developers, content owners, publishes, brands, carriers, device makers, chip designers and their partners and understand how mobile Internet and broadband technologies are creating massive new market opportunities for enterprise and consumer applications including content and smartphones.

The conference also Includes discussions centred around augmented reality and location based services.

Topics will include: –

  • Explain how to use apps to generate revenue, engage customers, and build brand loyalty
  • Discover the next generation of mobile services, apps, business models and profit centers
  • Learn how developers can best work with platform owners, device-makers and carriers
  • Deploy social media and viral marketing strategies to create demand for apps
  • Develop relationships with operators, carriers and strategic investors
  • Create strategies for development and marketing for mobile and iPad apps
  • Form partnerships with brands for advertising, marketing and amortization strategies
  • Generate revenue from new types of apps
  • Overcome challenges for developing on different platforms:iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Opera and RIM deployment

Our San Francisco contributor Dylan Jones will likely be speaking and covering the event for us.

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